Our values

At Jardin William, we consider that learning through play is at the root of toddler pedagogy. For this reason, here are the values to which the daycare adheres:



  • Encouraging the development of a sense of responsibility and initiative;
  • The child builds his learning according to his interests, his discoveries, his problem solving, by asserting himself and making his own choices;
  • The encouragement of resourcefulness by finding original and creative solutions;
  • The adult does not dictate his learning to the child. The latter is not a vase waiting to be filled;


  • Having fun is the primary goal we have at the Jardin William Daycare. For this reason, each activity will always be filled with pleasure to make children want to participate fully in them;
  • The joy of living, the energy, the creativity, the curiosity and the search for stimulating experiences, are all variations of the pleasure that we wish to inculcate in daycare.


  • The child as a social being;
  • The child needs to build stable and meaningful relationships with the people around him;
  • A warm climate in which cooperation, sharing and trust prevail;
  • Recognition of the important contribution of children to daycare and the value of their participation;
  • Recognition of the importance of the physical and natural environment through decision making and ecological choices and having a universal social conscience.


  • Cherish our differences and broaden our view;
  • Respect for the child, educators and parents is a core value of the daycare. It is essential to maintain a climate of mutual respect towards others and our environment in order to guarantee the quality of the links between parents, children and educators.